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  • Where can I find CPK dressings?

    Our dressings are found in the dressing aisle at the grocery store or you can shop online here. Head over to our product locator and type in your zip code to find the store nearest you that carries the flavor you are looking for. If you cannot find it, please make a special request from your local grocery store and contact our consumer services so we can advise our sales team. Your voice does count!

  • Does Litehouse own California Pizza Kitchen?

    Litehouse and CPK are partnering together to bring restaurant worthy dressings to retail. CPK is a registered Trademark of California Pizza Kitchen, Inc., and used under license.

  • How are California Pizza Kitchen Dressings different from Litehouse dressings?

    CPK dressings are inspired by the dressings served at the restaurant. They are shelf stable products that have a different viscosity and mouth feel than Litehouse refrigerated products. They will be merchandised in the dressing aisle of the grocery store.

  • Is this the same Dressing they use in the restaurants?

    CPK dressings are inspired by the dressings served at the restaurant.

  • How may restaurants does CPK have?

    188 restaurants mostly located in California, Southwest, Southern and Eastern part of the United States. There are 27 international units as well. The frozen pizza brand has an 83 ACV and has high retail awareness nationally.

  • Where is my closest CPK restaurant?

    Visit CPK.com and search for your location

  • How can I find more information about CPK’s Frozen Pizza?

    To learn more visit www.goodnes.com/cpk-frozen/

  • Do CPK Dressings need to be refrigerated?

    CPK Dressings do not need to be refrigerated until after the bottle has been opened.

  • Can you freeze CPK Dressings?

    Our dressings are not freeze thaw stable. There is no food safety risk involved with freezing, but the products will separate during freezing and not mix together the way they were when first purchased. Even if the product is still safe to consume, it would not have the flavor profile that we would like you to experience. We do not recommend freezing our dressings.

  • Where are the product codes located?

    When inquiring about a purchased product, you will be requested to provide a product code. This can be found on the top of the lid of your CPK Dressing bottle.

  • What does the date on the package mean?

    The date on our packaging is a best by date. Our products, if stored properly, will be of good quality and safe through the date on the package.

  • What is the allergen control program at the facility?

    There is an allergen control program in place to prevent cross contact from allergenic material within the production facility. This program manages controls at all steps in the process including receiving, storage, handling, prepping, mixing, packaging and sanitation. The Sanitation program is annually validated at multiple sites on each line to verify that all allergens present in the facility are removed during cleaning processes, preventing the possibility of cross contact with non-allergen containing items. The Allergen control program is audited annually by our certification body and complies with all applicable government regulations.

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